Carpet Cleaning Marketing Strategies – Using Additional Services In Your Business


In this podcast, we discuss how and when to use additional services and add-on services for your business.

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Show notes:

When you should NOT add services to your business

1) Needing Revenue

Additional services shouldn’t be a money play, it should reinforce your brand.

2) Don’t add services that relies heavily on specialized employee skill only

Your additional service should be doable by all your employees in that department or that.

3) Don’t do it for just one big account or one client only

If a few customers leave, it would still be purchased by other customers

4) Don’t do it just because you saw others in the same field do it

Sometimes other businesses offer a service they think the customers will need or they have the equipment and manpower to do that but you don’t.

5)  If you can refer that service instead.

If you can refer that additional service to someone that is better at you at that service and that you can network and refer back and forth  with, do that instead.


When and what you should add services to your business

1) If you can train the additional service to all of your employees in that department

2) If you can make it a self sustaining business

If your business is stable enough with your other services to start training the new service to the employees

3) If it’s a service that you can do with your current equipment

4) If it improves your profit margins.

5) If a lot of customers are asking or looking for that additional service

6) Become better at what you’re currently doing before offering something else

7) Consider the timing

Transition with your services in a timely manner. Don’t skip the process.

8) Services that reinforce your brand

Additional services that are directly related to your main service

9) Separate “Outside work” from “Inside work”

If your offering inside work, additional services should be inside work too


*Marketing tips

1)Visuals work better than words.

Most customers only spend time reading the text in your ad if they already know you.

2) Pick your niche- don’t market to everyone.

3) Hire somebody that is truly a marketing expert

4) Niche and stay in your lane.