Step by Step Commercial Cold Calling & Marketing


In this podcast, we discuss the steps for commercial cold calling and other tips for marketing.

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Show notes:

1) Choosing your target market

Identify first, what service you want to provide and then pick a target and ask this questions to yourself.

Who do you want to reach? Who is your main focus?

Once you’ve identified your target market. Choose the appropriate way of marketing for them.

If you’re choosing a specific type of service, choose the appropriate clients for it.
For example if you’re choosing low moisture carpet cleaning, you could go for high rise buildings or churches.

You could use door to door or cold calling. Take into account if the business you’re targeting is a public building or a private office.

2) Setting targets for your campaign

What is your objective?

-The first objective is to build a database so you can go back to the list in a couple of months for another round of marketing campaign.
– Getting leads
– Getting estimates
– Financial targets
Gather data first, from there you will notice patterns on who responds to you and then you’ll know how big your campaign reach should be.

3) Making a plan of action

● Decide how much time and money you can allocate for your marketing campaign
● Put together a list of contacts

● Track every lead and observe the pattern on who gets back to when you reach out to them, when they get back to you and who turns into leads, prospects and revenue. Devote more time to the people who get back to you.

● Build your database by phone or networking and then do Direct Mail.

● Identify who the decision maker is when you’re reaching out to your target business or clients. If you know who the decision maker is in a business, you can start with sending out a Direct Mail first.

Even if the first attempt wasn’t successful, proceed to get the information of that potential client so, that you can still reach out later when you start another marketing campaign for the next sale cycle. Keep in mind that other people get back to you even after years that you’ve given your marketing material. Think long term.

4) How to execute the plan of action and the technical tips and strategies to go with that

In building your database, you have to get information. You need to know:
● Who the decision maker is
● What’s important to the decision maker
● What kind of services have they purchased in the past

Door to door tip

If you’re going door to door, you can use Google My Maps to plot the route of your leads that you want to distribute your marketing materials to.
Take into account the industry and size of the business. If you’re reaching out to small business, door to door is better. If you’re reaching out to a big business, you could do cold calls.

Be in the habit of doing marketing tasks every day. Be consistent and stay in routine.

Conversation tips
1) Give open ended questions
2) Listen and take note of common questions or issues they run into with competitors they had work with.
3) Let them share personal stuff or talk about other things to you if they do.
4) Have a list of questions that get asked a lot of questions and have answers.
5) Make an outline of how the conversation might go with prepared answers with each scenario.
6) Keep your tone and how you talk in mind. Record yourself talking and listen to your pace and tone of voice.
7) Use visual aids if you can like through email, video call or sending it through private message.

First Call
1) Call the place and ask who’s in charge of with what you’re servicing and get their name.
2) Ask if that person has an extension line and ask to be transferred to him/her.
3) Leave a voicemail
4) Or ask for their email address.
5) Follow through and be consistent with it.