Can you send me the stock images and font files used in my design?

Can you send me the stock images and font files used in my design?

This is a frequent question we get asked, and unfortunately, the answer is no. It’s not that we don’t want to give you these things if we could, but when we purchase these items for our use, we are not granted the legal right to redistribute those asset files. Also with new cloud services like Adobe images, and Adobe fonts, we don’t actually have the files themselves. We would be happy to give you links to where you can purchase images or fonts so that you can continue to use those outside of the projects you do with our company.

Can you sell me stock images used in my design or that you have on file?

Not only can we not send these assets to you for free, but we also are not legally allowed to sell images to you with our current license agreements.

Where are good places to get fonts and stock images?

For free images we recommend

For paid images we recommend and

For more info about legal agreements when purchasing fonts from these two sites see: and

Where is a good place to find fonts?

For free fonts we recommend or Google fonts

For paid fonts we recommend and

If you have a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud we highly recommend which is likely included in your subscription.