Truck Wrap Design 

Spartan Plumbing Doubled their Revenue in Months of their Rebranding & Vehicle Wrap Design





  • Stop going unnoticed by customers in a noisy world
  • Stop leaving money on the table by not looking the part of a premium professional service provider.
  • Stop driving around a vehicle that’s not making you money

Start getting more business – Stand out, make an impression, and make your trucks work for you

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95% of drivers

view mobiles ads / 85% READ THEM

30,000 tO 70,000

daily vehicle impressions ON AVERAGE

$0.48 CPM

(cost per thousand impressions)

Make your wrap design reflect the  tRUE value of your company


A proven track record in creating brands that increase awareness, brand preference, and your bottom line.

It’s Time to Fully Leverage Your Brand.

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How much is not having a professional wrap on your vehicle costing you?

Your vehicle is seen by tens of thousands of potential customers every single day, how many jobs are you missing out on because your vehicle doesn’t clearly tell people who you are and what you can offer them? Does your vehicle stand out and tell potential customers that you are the go-to leader in your Market?

Not having a professional, results driven wrap may already be costing you a great deal.

Vehicle Wrap Design Only
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Vehicle Wrap Design
Vehicle Print Ready File Prep & Support
Unlimited Reproduction License
One Additional Vehicle Artwork Adaptation
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1/2 Day Brand Fractal Brand Identity™ Strategy Call
Market/Competitor Analysis
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How it works

A handful of wrap designs from our past work

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Frequently Thoughts/Questions You May Be Having:

What is the difference between getting “NO print ready files” vs “WITH print ready files” price options?

If you choose to not have us create the print ready files then we create a design concept for your wrap that is not print ready. You can ask your wrap design company to create the print ready files for you from our design concept & vector files you will be provided. 

If you would like us to create print ready files for your project & offer free assistance to your local wrap shop you must select the option “WITH print ready files.”

I’d love a nice truck wrap, but the price seems pretty expensive, is it really worth it?

Absolutely! Here’s a few reasons why we definitely recommend getting a professional, results-driven, truck wrap.

  • Extremely low advertising cost ( $0.48 per impression according to 3m)
  • You are missing out on tens of thousands of impressions per day without it
  • One time investment that lasts for years (average lifetime of a wrap is 7 years)
  • Dramatically increases the perceived value of your service

I’d like you to design our truck wrap but I already have a logo that I like, do I really have to have my logo redesigned?

We have noticed that many times if we have not prepared the logo that it may pose issues when working the design around it. If you’d like us to see if we can use your outside made logo as is for your wrap design please email your vector logo file (AI, PDF, EPS) to and we will follow up to let you know if we are able to work with your logo on the design.

Why wouldn’t I just have my wrap design locally at the shop I’m going to print it at? wouldn’t that be easier and cheaper?

You definitely could have your wrap design locally at the shop you will be having it printed at and it will likely be cheaper on the front end if you choose that option. Our customers choose to have their wrap design with us because they are interested in results. We have a proven track record of creating wraps for our customers that actually drive calls in and make their company look outstanding. Typically local wrap shops either outsource your design to a random designer online or they have someone in-house that is not an actual designer take their shot at creating the design for your wrap. There are local wrap design shops they’re probably have amazing in-house graphics teams,  but in our years of experience doing this we have not seen very many. Working with a local shop on a high-level design project will probably leave you frustrated and back at square one because after numerous revisions you will be no where close to the design that you envisioned.

Is your design the same price for a partial wrap and a full wrap?

Yes it is.

What is a truck wrap with just cut vinyl lettering be better since it’s cheaper?

We’ve found the best “bang-for-your-buck” to be a partial wrap. Cut vinyl lettering is fine if you are on a budget, but it probably won’t get you the same results as a partial or full wrap design. Since you will have this on your vehicle for the next 7 years, going cheaper to save a grand or 2 upfront will typically end up costing you money in lost work over the lifetime of the wrap.

I’m not anywhere near you geographically, can you still help me?

Yes, because we only do the design, you can work with any local print/install shop once your design is complete. To find a shop in your area you can try these links:

PDAA Certified Installer Search

3M Certified Installer Search

How much does a truck wrap cost to get installed typically?

Generally, a partial wrap printed and installed for most vehicles in most areas ranges between $1000-$3000 and a full wrap will range between $2000-$5000. If you have a particular budget in mind we can try to create your design in a way that uses less vinyl coverage to keep the install price down, or you may consider doing lettering only which is generally less than $1000 to have printed and installed. For more info please check with your local wrap shop to see how and what they charge for your vehicle.

I don’t want to pay up-front for something I don’t know if I will like

We understand completely, however you wouldn’t be here right now if you didn’t believe we could create the perfect logo for your company right?

Keep in mind although we are designing the logo for you, we are actually designing your logo to communicate properly with your customer. Sometimes your taste will actually be different from what the best option for your design should be. We are here to help you create the best logo possible for your company to communicate with your customers. But don’t worry, you’ll love it too!

What if I have more than one vehicle I need to get wrapped is there an extra charge?

Yes, to adapt the artwork to additional vehicles will be $350 each, you can add this on after your initial wrap design is complete.

How long do truck wraps last?

On average 7 years if professionally installed with vinyl rated to 7 years.

I’ve worked with designers in the past and it was a nightmare

We’ve found their are 4 main reasons why this probably happened

  • You hired a designer that does this part-time
  • You hired a designer that doesn’t have the skill level required for the results you were looking for
  • You hired a designer that is not familiar with your industry
  • You hired a designer that didn’t communicate well

If you’ve had to deal with these things in the past you are going to love working with us. Our in-house, full-time staff, is here to make sure your project is kept on track and keep you in the loop along the way. We know your industry and market inside and out and can handle your project and get you the result you’ve been looking for.