Focusing On The Right Things


In this podcast, we discuss focusing on a niche in your business.

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Show notes:

You get what you focus on in life.


  1. Put value first before pricing

Focus on the value of your service or product instead of spending too much time thinking about your pricing

“The only time a sale is made is when the value exceeds price.”- Grant Cardone


  1. Focus on what you’re good at or expertise and delegate the ones you’re not

For example,

Dentists hire out marketers to handle advertising while they focus in their service.


  1. Knowing what should be normal

Document problems you encounter in your business and test solutions


  1. Niche as a differentiator

Target the trigger points of your customers and the right customers to market to when your marketing


  1. Have a core message and convey that

Know your core message and deliver that to your target audience, adjust if you need to but stay true to your core message when you’re marketing.