Sales Funnels & Creating Content For Them


In this podcast, we discuss what a sales funnel is and how to create one.

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Show notes:

Creating sales funnels for your customers


What is a sales funnel

A way to stay in touch with people

Types of funnel

  1. Leads
  2. Qualified leads
  3. Estimates
  4. Customers

You’re trying to move people from being a lead to giving estimates and then they become your customer’s

Lead Funnel

“How can I follow up with this person in the future?”

You can set up forms so, they can sign up to your newsletter, blogs, videos, articles, etc.


After giving the estimate, the question is

“I want to follow up with this customer”

Give the customer an estimate and then follow up later. You can try to call two times and then maybe maybe reach out in email one time and then move the lead to a nurture campaign.

*Have a nurture campaign

Use content marketing for your nurture campaign.

Segmenting in your CRM software


You can categorize by industry, size


Use tags for organizing your inputs and effective searching in your CRM

Email Marketing

1. The more specific you are, the better results you’re going to get.

2. Make an outline for your content

3. Review the jobs you’re currently doing and start there and talk about it

4. Use video for your content. You can record and describe it which can be used as content as well.

5. Don’t rely on the tool, i.e. Social media for your content marketing, check if your content is actually good and relevant.

Marketing tips

1. Humanize – Keep in mind that you’re talking to people, actual human being even if it’s in a non personal interaction like an email.

2.Think about solving problems through your email campaigns

3.Collect emails even if you don’t know how to market with them yet

4. Go to events to meet potential clients

5.Repurpose your video or blog article as a social media post

6. Don’t try to market to everybody.

7. Gain momentum. Marketing is for the long run, don’t do marketing moves just for a direct sale every time you try to do it.

8. Copy the marketing style of business that had real, good results.