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The Benefits of Investing in a Complete Brand Identity

Many times when small business owners come to Prolific looking for help with their branding, they contact us looking for “just a logo”. Overtime, we’ve discovered that “just a logo” isn’t enough for your brand. That’s why at Prolific we offer complete brand identity packages that will set your company brand on a path for […]

Focusing On The Right Things   In this podcast, we discuss focusing on a niche in your business. Check out more episodes here or:   Show notes: You get what you focus on in life.   Put value first before pricing Focus on the value of your service or product instead of spending too much time thinking about your pricing […]

Sales Funnels & Creating Content For Them   In this podcast, we discuss what a sales funnel is and how to create one. Check out more episodes here or:   Show notes: Creating sales funnels for your customers   What is a sales funnel A way to stay in touch with people Types of funnel Leads Qualified leads Estimates Customers You’re trying […]

Carpet Cleaning Marketing Strategies – Using Additional Services In Your Business   In this podcast, we discuss how and when to use additional services and add-on services for your business. Check out more episodes here or:   Show notes: When you should NOT add services to your business 1) Needing Revenue Additional services shouldn’t be a money play, it should reinforce your brand. 2) Don’t add […]

Step by Step Commercial Cold Calling & Marketing   In this podcast, we discuss the steps for commercial cold calling and other tips for marketing. Check out more episodes here or:   Show notes: 1) Choosing your target market Identify first, what service you want to provide and then pick a target and ask this questions to yourself. Who do you want to […]